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Wise Care 5.6.7, an innovative upgrade doubles productivity

50% faster than previous versions.

The software constantly upgrades and makes changes to produce better results for users. The important announcement is the new version shall NOT support Windows XP anymore. If users want to continue to use the software with Windows XP, download the portable version published.

In the latest version, users will get:

  • One-click installation that simplifies the process
  • Metro cache scanning speed improvised and categorized separately in Common Cleaner
  • Chrome and Firefox scanning speed also modified
  • The complete PC Checkup speed increased 50% than the previous version
  • Newly added Right-Click menu in Startup Manager, Context Manager, Operating System, and Hardware Overview
  • Added upgraded action button in Disk Defrag, support Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernation, and Log out
  • Bugfix recovery from Minimization

Users can avail themselves of all the latest upgraded actions once they click on the Upgrade and let the system software accommodate the new version. The latest version is more user-friendly, more productive, and less time-consuming. The simplifications of the version make the job more simple and accessible even when users are too busy in the introductory meeting or rushing towards maintaining the deadline.

The new users and the existing users will get all the necessary modifications while start using the new Wise Care 5.6.7.

WiseCleaner values time, efforts, and the perspective of every professional using the software. The new Upgrade would bring an enhancement in the professional progress for sure.

WiseCleaner appreciates the users who stay with them and take advantage of the latest version of Wise Care 365.

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ZorroSign, Inc. Wins Two 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

ZorroSign logo

As our society continues to evolve and become more reliant on networks and data, companies like ZorroSign are critical at providing the protection and trust consumers demand.

ZorroSign, Inc., a leader in digital signature technology, has won two 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards: one for Blockchain (very small company 11 to 100 employees), and one for Authentication & Identity (very small company). Fortress awards represent a global community of cyber security experts, technology developers and governments taking proactive steps to thwart attacks and take preventative measures to remain one-step ahead so responses can be quick and efficient. The goal of the Fortress Cyber Security Awards program is to highlight, discuss and reward the creative thinking, engineering, people and projects that are taking on this growing threat for the benefit of the global community.

“We are pleased to be recognized across two classes, ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Authenticity & Identity,’” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder at ZorroSign. “Not only have we successfully leveraged blockchain technology to deliver the highest levels of data privacy and security for digital signatures, digital workflows, and document management solutions, but we have also deployed identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions that ensure users are who they claim to be—elevating authentication and identity services for our customers around the world.”

“We are so proud to name ZorroSign as a winner in the 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “As our society continues to evolve and become more reliant on networks and data, companies like ZorroSign are critical at providing the protection and trust consumers demand.”

Fortress Cyber Security Awards are presented by the Business Intelligence Group that seeks out and rewards those with vision, creativity and persistence—all hallmarks found in the world’s leading companies and individuals across the globe. Since 2012, the Business Intelligence Group has recognized and rewarded hundreds of business executives, departments, products and entire organizations for their innovation and leadership. For more information, visit

About ZorroSign

ZorroSign, Inc. is a leader in digital signature technology and the global provider of ZorroSign DTM—a secure platform delivering digital signature and digital transaction management. ZorroSign’s patented 4n6 (“forensics”) technology offers post-execution fraud detection, verification and authentication of legally binding electronic signatures, digital signatures and documents using proprietary blockchain tokenization. ZorroSign DTM streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with bank-grade protection and security certificates that never expire—allowing governments, corporations, and individuals to eSign documents, request signatures on documents and forms, build workflows, automate approval processes, and more leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.


ZorroSign, ZorroFill, ZorroSign (patented) 4n6 Token, and JustZSign, are registered trademarks of ZorroSign, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All other trademarked names or terms used in this document are the property of their respective owners.

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives having experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

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MyData (my Digital Accounting and Tax Application) Electronic Books

‘Through myDATA platform, the tax authorities intend to have instant insight into the books and ledgers of taxpayers, allowing them to effectively fight tax fraud.” says SNI Partner & CCO Rıdvan Yiğit.

Greek taxpayers and foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Greece will be subject to the revolutionary requirements soon. Greece Revenue Authority (AADE) has already published all the documentation needed for the MyDATA integration and compliance. The regulation is a comprehensive electronic reporting of VAT, corporate tax and accounting data.

“Through myDATA platform, the tax authorities intend to have instant insight into the books and ledgers of taxpayers, allowing them to effectively fight tax fraud,” says SNI Partner & CCO Rıdvan Yiğit.

In general, all taxpayers are obliged to fulfil the e-books requirements regardless of their size, as long as they are keeping records based on the Greek Accounting Standards.

In the first place, taxpayers are obliged to report sales transactions and their classification data in real time as of 1 July 2021. Also, certain purchase documents (intra-community acquisitions, imports, reverse charges, retail records, etc.) and classifications of all purchase documents had to be transmitted electronically to the myDATA platform until the deadline for submission of the VAT return. Classifications include sales and purchases of goods, services and assets plus expenses.

The invoices issued between January 1 and July 1 2021 and their characterizations must be reported no later than 31 October 2021.

Revenue and expense settlement entries for the determination of the annual tax result; depreciation, amortization, accruals are reported until the deadline of corporate income tax return submission (June 30 of the next year).

Finally, payroll data is reported monthly (up to the deadline for the submission of withholding tax return on salaries and wages).

For e-books, as previously planned, the two basic groups of information which are Records (ledgers of sales, purchases, payroll, fixed asset) and Summaries (total balances) must be electronically communicated to myDATA portal. Records provide tax authorities to have a crystal-clear view of the taxpayer’s transaction structure. And the summary register (book) presents the total numbers for a period after the detailed records have been updated.

At the moment e-invoicing is not mandatory, however it is considered an important ingredient of the electronic reporting concept. It seems just a matter of time to introduce a full e-invoicing obligation, following the Italian model.

SNI end-to-end solution covers all major components in one single SAP add-on solution which companies would not need to look for any other external third party employment. One software manages all compliance obligations in Greece and across the globe. SNI Partner & CEO Cem Yurdakul points out that “SNI solution is able to do all the required steps and ensure companies stay compliant. Moreover, it saves significant time and costs with businesses’ processes.”

For detailed information and sign up for a demo, please click here.

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Gryphon Digital Mining CEO Speaks on Cheddar TV’s ‘Crypto Craze’

News Image

CEO of Gryphon Digital Mining Rob Chang appeared on Cheddar TV’s Closing Bell at 2PM Eastern Time, June 11th. ‘Closing Bell’ covers closing stock market trends and includes a segment for cryptocurrencies titled ‘Crypto Craze’, where Chang spoke with Kristen Scholer about Gryphon’s initiatives to develop a sustainable mining operation built on renewable energies. Cheddar News is available to watch on dozens of devices and digital apps, as well as through

Rob Chang is an experienced executive who most recently was the CFO of Riot Blockchain and has consulted for other publicly traded blockchain mining companies. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry including serving as the Managing Director and Head of Metals & Mining at Cantor Fitzgerald where he was recognized by Bloomberg as the Best Precious Metals Analyst in Q1 2016. His career achievements include rescuing a NASDAQ-listed company from bankruptcy despite regulatory and industry headwinds. Mr. Chang is frequently quoted and a regular guest of several media outlets including Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Chang also previously served as Director of Research and Portfolio Manager at an investment firm that managed $3 billion in assets. He currently sits on the boards of Ur-Energy and Fission Uranium. Mr. Chang completed his MBA at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Launched in 2016, Cheddar News has worked to develop an authentic voice and fresh perspective to provide an engaging new format for news and break the industry mold. Cheddar strives to feed the curiosity of its viewers with original shows and live news that cover the thoughts and ideas bringing change to the world. Cheddar is widely and freely available live and on-demand across traditional and OTT platforms.

About Gryphon Digital Mining:

Gryphon Digital Mining is a Bitcoin mining operation with zero carbon footprint and 720 PH worth of ultra-efficient, state-of-the art S19j Pro miners from Bitmain. Gryphon’s long-term strategy is to be the first vertically integrated crypto miner with a wholly-owned, 100 percent renewable energy supply. Gryphon provides reliable, low-cost hydro-electric powered mining with plans to expand to other renewables such as nuclear, wind, and solar power to lower mining’s impact on the environment. Gryphon Digital Mining has entered into a merger agreement with Sphere 3D (Nasdaq: ANY) through which Gryphon shareholders are expected to become the controlling shareholders of Sphere 3D, which is expected to maintain its Nasdaq listing.

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Ur1Stop opened its first computer/electronic retail store in Schaumburg, Illinois

Ur1Stop opened its first computer/electronic retail store in Schaumburg, Illinois.The store offers New, Renewed, and Manufacturer Certified Refurbished Products from all major brands. Schaumburg Mayor, Tom Dailly was among the invitees attending the opening ceremony.

At the opening, Moiz Mohammed, CEO shared his vision of setting up smaller retail stores nationwide, which will serve as a one stop shop for businesses/consumers. The stores will have best of the breed computer offerings and on site repairs. Our vision is to help out consumers repair/upgrade their computers same day at an affordable price.

Ur1Stop is an online retailer selling New and Refurbished Computer and Electronic products for the last 4 years. For more information on Ur1Stop, reach out our sales team at (866) 232-7408, or email You may also visit our website at https://

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Servion Partners with McorpCX to Enable Enterprises to Improve Customer Experience

Servion Global Solutions, a leading contact center and customer experience (CX) solutions provider, has partnered with McorpCX to provide customer experience management solutions to global enterprises looking to level-up their CX game.

Under this partnership, McorpCX will work closely with Servion to empower enterprises to consult, design, implement and support Cisco Webex Experience Management. McorpCX’s expertise will complement Servion’s contact center expertise and to deliver enhanced business performance improvement.

“Today, customer experience has evolved into a key differentiator and growth driver for successful businesses and CX technology platforms are an increasingly central element of the CX movement. Especially as the contact center and related care and support functions become increasingly important in organizations CX strategies. Combining McorpCX’s 19 years of CX and XM leadership and capabilities with Servion’s global execution capabilities will allow us to be instrumental in transforming customer experience initiatives for more of the leading brands in the world. Our partnership with Servion will enable clients to drive real operational execution of customer experience improvement with Cisco WxM”, said Graham Clark, VP – Market Development.

Servion has been focused on helping enterprises design and implement the right customer experience management strategies with customer journey mapping, voice of the customer, and CX transformation solutions. This partnership with McorpCX further strengthens Servion’s services and helps businesses build lifetime customers, increase customer value and customer experiences.

Shriram Rajamani, Senior Vice President – Operations at Servion, said, “Companies are looking to create maximum value for their customers (and per customer) by deploying new digital and integrated omnichannel solutions, thereby creating seamless experiences. We are excited to partner with McorpCX, as we empower businesses with insights across the entire user journey and channels, leverage predictive analytics to make informed decisions, and improve customer experience.”

About McorpCX

McorpCX is a customer experience solutions company targeting customer-centric companies ranging from Fortune 100 brands to fast-moving mid-market leaders. McorpCX has been a recognized customer experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Experience Management (XM) industry leader for 19 years.

For more information, visit

About Servion Global Solutions

For more than 25 years, Servion has been trusted by customer-centric brands for designing, building, running and optimizing Contact Centers and Customer Experience (CX) solutions. Servion delivers complete solutions for businesses to innovate in providing digital experiences using the best available technologies while maximizing their existing investments. Our 800 CX professionals apply their passion and deep domain expertise to the entire design-build-run-optimize solution lifecycle. Servion has helped 600 enterprises across the globe deliver great experiences to their customers, partners, and employees. For more information, visit

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Proficientz Announces Free Product Management Course

Free Product Management Course

Product Management University On-Demand

My team said they learned more about Product Management in 45 minutes than they had in years!

Proficientz announced today the availability of a free product management course for managing product enhancements. The free course, Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process, is for B2B product and service companies and available on-demand as part of the Product Management University On-Demand curriculum.

Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process is a complete solution that includes 24 minutes of video instruction, 3 hands-on exercises and a step-by-step guide for implementation and rollout. It offers three key benefits to product managers.

1.    Quantifying the customer value of enhancements will be easier.

2.    Enhancement lists will be significantly shorter and easier to manage.

3.    Prioritization will no longer be subjective based on opinions of a feature’s value.

The approach most organizations use to manage product enhancements makes things more difficult according to John Mansour, founder and managing partner at Proficientz. “It’s based on assigning value to features which is highly subjective. The lack of consistency and predictability is equally frustrating to sales, services, marketing, engineering, and most of all, customers.”

Quantifying Customer Value

Most product enhancement requests are feature wish lists that have no value context around what those features will help customers accomplish, why those outcomes are important, and the problems or challenges standing in the way of those outcomes. It’s a big reason why so many B2B products are rich with features that customers don’t use.

No one wants to build useless features. This free course will shift your thinking from features that solve problems to features that deliver measurable customer outcomes, making it easier to quantify the value of proposed features and get them funded.

Shorter Enhancement Lists That Are Easier Manage

One of the most frustrating things for product managers that makes them feel like they’re fighting a losing battle is that the enhancement lists always grow faster than features can be delivered. Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process will help product managers keep their enhancement lists to 12 or so items. It’s one more benefit of using outcomes versus problems or features to manage product enhancements.

Value-Based Prioritization

The value of a feature starts with the value of the outcome customers get from that feature. Implementing an Outcome-Based Product Enhancement Process will teach product managers how to prioritize based on measurable customer outcomes, making feature prioritization straightforward and objective.

Kate Pichelman, head of product at Gensler, an integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm, used the free course as a team building exercise. “Our team completed this course together. The video was a great conversation starter for us to get on the same page tactically and strategically. We loved the activity, and the team said they learned more about Product Management in 45 minutes than they had in years! We look forward to more lessons together using the full Proficientz program of 14 on-demand lessons and exercises.”

Implementing an outcome-based product enhancement process is the first step to creating a value-based product culture. It forces everyone that touches the products or the customers to make business outcomes the centerpiece of every conversation before bringing problems and features into the mix.

Register today and take the first step in creating a value-based product culture.

About Proficientz

Proficientz is a training organization that specializes in B2B product management, product marketing and product demos. Proficientz clients build, market and sell more valuable solutions because they get hands-on training that’s personalized to their products, their markets and the structure of their organization. Proficientz clients learn a unique customer-outcome approach to managing, marketing and selling solutions which further simplifies their learning and adoption.

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CMX to Drive Food Quality and Safety Across Captain D’s Global Supply Chain

News Image

Partnering with a fast-growing fast casual brand like Captain D’s is a real win for CMX. The company’s commitment to providing its customers with an excellent quality product is admirable and their ability to keep this commitment is key to their success — Mitch Porche, CEO, CMX

CMX, a leading provider of Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) solutions for supply chain management and operational execution, announced today that fast casual seafood chain Captain D’s has deployed the CMX1 platform for more streamlined and efficient management of supplier relationships and to ensure the ongoing quality and safety of food products being sourced.

“Over our 50-year history, Captain D’s has always been committed to putting our customers first by consistently delivering high quality seafood at affordable prices,” said Mark Earnest, VP of Quality Assurance, Captain D’s. “This is why our ability to manage our large network of global suppliers is so important to keeping this commitment to our customers. CMX1 provides us with powerful visibility and insight into our supply chain, but more importantly, it delivers the data we need for better decision making and proactive quality management.”

Nashville-based Captain D’s Quality Assurance team relies on CMX1 to ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of the company’s globally-sourced seafood menu items, half of which are proprietary. Offering a comprehensive, automated, single-platform approach to supply chain management, CMX1 automates the management of Captain D’s multi-sourced food supply chain, which currently consists of 60 suppliers, to improve the efficiency of:

  • Supplier management including evaluations, onboarding, and product commercialization approvals
  • Product specification authoring and approvals including internal collaboration with R&D and suppliers
  • Managing supplier compliance with regard to FSMA requirements and HACCP controls, process flows, food safety and applicable product certifications

“We’re extremely impressed with the easy-to-use, intuitive and logical design of the CMX1 platform,” explained Earnest “The ability to automate tasks and workflows allows the Quality Assurance team to focus on building relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and franchisees, and making sure food quality meets Captain D’s high standards.”

Despite the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on restaurants across the country, Captain D’s thrived in 2020 with record sales growth and has begun this year with double-digit increase in same store sales. With plans to open additional stores this year, Captain D’s will look to expand its use of CMX1 and plans to deploy additional platform functionality in the coming months, including:

  • Ongoing quality monitoring and management through third-party product inspections and release procedures for seafood before being loaded onto ships from processors
  • The resolution of product quality incidents, and executing product withdrawals and recalls with their restaurants
  • Enterprise reporting and supplier scorecards

CMX CEO Mitch Porche said, “Partnering with a fast-growing fast casual brand like Captain D’s is a real win for CMX. The company’s commitment to providing its customers with an excellent quality product is admirable and their ability to keep this commitment is key to their success. We appreciate Captain D’s trust in CMX1’s proven ability to provide the quality data insights to help them manage their highly complex supply chain and look forward to expanding our relationship even further this year.”


Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., Captain D’s has more than 540 restaurants in 23 states. Captain D’s is the nation’s leading fast-casual seafood restaurant and was named the #1 seafood chain in the QSR 50, ranked by AUV. Founded in 1969, Captain D’s has been offering its customers high-quality seafood at reasonable prices in a welcoming atmosphere for more than 50 years. Captain D’s serves a wide variety of seafood that includes freshly prepared entrees and the company’s signature hand-battered fish. The restaurants also offer premium-quality, grilled items such as varieties of fish and shrimp, as well as hushpuppies, desserts and freshly brewed, Southern-style sweet tea, a Captain D’s favorite. For more information, please visit

About CMX

Leading brands including Burger King, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Sonic Drive-In, Raley’s Supermarkets, RaceTrac, and Hasbro trust CMX’s cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) CMX1 to help them achieve and maintain Operational and Quality Excellence. For over a decade, CMX has led the market with the most comprehensive, user-friendly, cloud-based EQMS platform for food and consumer brands. It’s the only enterprise solution to effectively combine supply chain quality and operational excellence into a single, fully configurable operating platform.

For more information, please visit or call 1-858.997.2140.

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Loffler Companies Named to 2021 CRN Solution Provider 500 List for Sixth Consecutive Year as Leading IT Partner in North America

“Our priority is helping clients succeed by creating secure, healthy technology ecosystems within their organizations.” James Loffler

Loffler Companies, the largest privately-owned technology solutions provider in the Upper Midwest, has been ranked #183 on the CRN 2021 Solution Provider 500 list. CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, releases a list of top 500 solution providers each year, ranking the leading IT channel partner organizations across North America by revenue. This is the sixth consecutive year Loffler has been named to this list.

“We are proud of the first-class team we have built and the strong value we provide in the marketplaces we serve. Our priority is helping clients succeed by creating secure, healthy technology ecosystems within their organizations,” said James Loffler, President of Loffler Companies.

Founded by Jim Loffler in 1986, Loffler Companies is nationally recognized as a leader in business technology and managed services. Loffler is among the top office solutions dealers in the US for service and support, with more than 500 employees working hard every day to exceed the expectations of their clients, partners and the community.

Loffler Companies provides the most comprehensive business technology solutions in the country, with experts who bring it all together to build secure, optimized technology environments. Loffler’s offerings include IT managed and security services, business security systems, disaster recovery/business continuity, multifunctional copiers and printers, print management services, software and workflow technology consulting, professional IT services/consulting, unified communications, and on-site management of print and mail centers.

As one of the top-selling Canon and Konica Minolta dealers in the U.S., Loffler Companies also works with leading partners such as Nutanix, Arctic Wolf, Microsoft, Mitel and 8×8 as well as Xerox, HP, Lexmark and FP Mailing Solutions. These wide-ranging products and services exist for one purpose: to help organizations succeed. Loffler’s specialized trainers, flexible billing and financing options at all price levels and award-winning service and support are all benefits clients appreciate. For more information about Loffler Companies, call 952-925-6800 or email or visit us online at

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ActiveNav Presents FEDSpace, The Federal Data Governance Conference

FEDSpace Banner

ActiveNav is proud to present, FEDSpace™, a virtual conference focused on federal data privacy and governance, which will feature Chief Data Officers from agencies including the U.S. Air Force, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Federal Aviation Authority.

Now in its second year, the theme for this year’s conference is “The Federal Data Strategy: Building on the Foundation.” Experts from the federal government and industry will share how they use data to make decisions, meet mission goals, and build toward a data-driven culture.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Conlin, Chief Technology Officer of Definitive Logic & Former Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Darin Cote, Senior Electronic Records Policy Analyst, Records Management Policy and Outreach program in the Office of the Chief Records Officer, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
  • Kirsten Dalboe, Chief Data Officer of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Marseta Dill, Deputy Chief Data Officer at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Philip Favro, Esq., Consultant at Driven
  • Lisa Haralampus, Director of the Records Management Policy and Outreach program in the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
  • Dr. Nick Hart, President of the Data Foundation
  • Suzette Kent, Global Business Transformation Executive & Former Federal Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Tamara Roust, Director of the Division of Data and Chief Data Officer at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Eileen M. Vidrine, Chief Data Officer at the U.S. Air Force (USAF)

The U.S. Government, similar to the private sector, now more than ever is grappling with how to find, understand, and leverage data effectively. Hear from the very people who are helping agencies innovate and meet mission goals using data.

The event takes place on Wednesday, June 16th, from 9 am – 1 pm ET, and is free to attend. Interested parties can register at

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