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Global Wellness Summit Releases In-Depth Trends Report, “The Future of Wellness 2021”

The GWS released its top nine wellness trends for 2021, the new directions that the organization believes will have the most meaningful impact on the multitrillion global wellness industry.

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) today released its top nine wellness trends for 2021, the new directions that the organization believes will have the most meaningful impact on the multitrillion global wellness industry. The trends were presented at a virtual press event attended by thousands worldwide.

Forecasting trends in the fast-evolving wellness space is daunting every year. In 2020, we experienced a global pandemic, economic meltdown, racial injustice, polarizing politics, and a mental wellness crisis that changed every aspect of human life. The pandemic made wellness radically more important to people overnight, while COVID-19 exposed the terrible human cost for not controlling chronic, underlying conditions, radically strengthening the case for preventative wellness. At the same time, there was accelerated fatigue with a wellness industry overly focused on elitist, hyper-trendy, evidence-free wellness solutions—which suddenly feel “so 2019.”

Wellness today is at a watershed moment. The trends report reflects how wellness is poised to take a bigger seat at the health care table (see “The Self-Care Revolution” trend). It predicts a future industry that will be more inclusive, accessible and affordable (see the “Adding Color to Wellness,” “The Entertainment Industry Jumps into Wellness,” and “Just Breathe!” trends). How it will basically “get real” and more evidence-based (see “The Future of Immune Health: Stop Boosting, Start Balancing”)—and tackle tougher, more crucial human pain-points (see” “Money Out Loud: Financial Wellness Is Finding Its Voice”). And the report also predicts how wellness will continue to rewrite vast industries, from travel, to architecture and design, to the meetings industry.

This is the only wellness forecast based on the insights of hundreds of top executives of wellness companies, economists, doctors, investors, academics and technologists (from dozens of nations) that gathered in person and virtually at the recent Summit to debate where wellness was headed—making for a uniquely informed, global set of predictions.

Press can request a copy of the full, 97-page report by sending an email to:

Images are here.

Non-press can purchase the report here.


Hollywood and the Entertainment Industries Jump into Wellness

For wellness purists, any trend about Goliath TV, music and tech companies moving into wellness programming can cause eye rolls; it must be…inauthentic. But for anyone serious about “wellness for all,” more wellness experiences at Big Media platforms is a story of unprecedented access and affordability. The trend? Wellness will become a bigger, more meaningful programming focus in the TV and music industries, as Big Media digests the huge cultural force wellness has become.

If wellness programming on TV (whether Oprah or the Goop Lab) has been about wellness as a topic you passively consume, the future is TV content and platforms that involve and impact you. Smart TVs are baking wellness “channels” onto their home screens: Samsung TVs launched Samsung Health, letting people binge 5,000 hours of free fitness/meditation classes from the buzziest brands. The future: smart TVs (like Apple’s) that connect to your health wearable (like Apple Fitness+) to serve up personalized wellness/fitness experiences right on your TV. Wellness companies are becoming full-blown TV studios: Mega-meditation-apps, Calm and Headspace, recently scored TV shows (HBO Max and Netflix), translating their meditative experiences into immersive television. Meditation apps with TV series? Unthinkable just two years ago. China is perfecting the marriage of wellness TV programming and e-commerce, and Waterbear Network is a new “Netflix” for climate activism.

The ways that music is being created for stress, sleep, focus, a better workout, or just trippy, ambient bliss…has kicked into high gear. It’s a paradigm shift: If music has always been consumed around artist, song and genre, now it’s “serve me music-as-therapy.” Meditation apps are becoming big wellness music “record labels,” and more apps are launching specifically focused on music-for-wellbeing. Generative music technology—where your biometrics meet neuroscientist-designed sound—will take sound-as-precision-medicine to radical places. And not surprisingly, celebrities are now all over wellness, not just as spokespeople but as company founders, execs and major investors.

The future: more collaborations between Big Media (who know a few things about high-quality, immersive content) and the wellness world (who has done a far better job than doctors in getting people obsessed with health). A trend that could impact billions of lives and feels awfully overdue.

The Future of Immune Health: Stop Boosting, Start Balancing

We join many forecasters in naming immune health a 2021 trend, not only because we agree that it will remain a consumer obsession post-vaccine but because the main ways the wellness industry has been addressing it are…flat-out wrong. In 2020, people were blitzed with “immune-boosting” supplements, foods and therapies, but the idea that you can “boost” your immunity is unscientific nonsense, and “more boosting” is precisely the wrong approach. The future: approaches that lead to immuno-stabilization, immuno-balance.

We will see more evidence-backed approaches to immune health, with metabolic health, the microbiome, and personalized nutrition becoming crucial—along with more experimentation with everything from “positive stress” experiences to intermittent fasting for immune resilience. And immunity programs at travel destinations will go deeper, more medical, with interventions that matter more than “immune-boosting” menus and IV drips.

After a long 2020, people are aware that their immune health is a holistic affair, that food and the microbiome are lynchpins, and that “slow” not “hyper” strategies are the difference-makers. People will keep gobbling trendy quick-fixes in trendy bottles, but they’re ready for more. A wellness industry newly focused on the hard—and fast-evolving—immune science could extend and save many lives. And help its own reputation along the way.

Spiritual and Numinous Moments in Architecture

In recent years, a storm of studies has demonstrated the powerful connection between the built environment and our physical health, and a new “wellness architecture” sector has taken off, heavily focused on functional design moves, whether circadian lighting or air purification.

What has been glossed over is design that can tap into and nurture our spirituality. In 2021, we will see new attention paid to creating everyday spaces that can incite sacred and numinous moments, that elevate our consciousness and potential, and ground us in gravitas in the midst of a mindless, consumerist society. Architecture and design will move up Maslow’s Pyramid, from our recent era of look-at-me, visually ostentatious fads like luxury McMansions to a new architecture reaching for the “Self-Actualization” tier—a built environment that can move our souls.

Spiritual wellbeing is an inextricable part of a well life and rightfully deserves more design consideration and designated spaces in our homes, workplaces, communities and urban landscapes. The full report gives rich detail on examples, including thin places, ancient revivals, “nudge architecture,” and creating spiritual homes.

Just Breathe!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to know where your chakras are or what a didgeridoo sounds like to do breathwork. An increasing number of clinical studies from major universities like Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins are putting science and data behind something we’ve actually known for centuries—the way we breathe has profound effects on our mental and physical health and abilities. It might even help us strengthen our immune systems.

Practitioners are bringing breathwork to ever-larger audiences and pushing it into fascinating new territories, including rehabilitation, fitness, community building, and relief from chronic stress, trauma and PTSD. Cool, clubby breathwork parties and festivals are rising. There are even studies that point to breathwork as a possible therapeutic for one of the world’s deadliest diseases: hypertension. Perhaps the best part of all—this drug-free medicine costs absolutely nothing.

The full report explores the people, the techniques, the places, and the new breath-tech pushing the practical magic of breathwork into exciting—and important—new directions.

The Self-Care Renaissance: Where Wellness and Healthcare Converge

Over three hundred years after the first Medical Renaissance, we’re undergoing a new kind of medical renaissance where two complementary yet often competing entities—healthcare and wellness—will converge. Wellness is learning to lean into science, establish standards, and hold itself accountable. At the same time, healthcare is beginning to borrow from the wellness playbook—transforming a once sterile and strictly curative industry into a more holistic, lifestyle-oriented, and even pleasurable one. In this new era, hospitals will take inspiration from five-star resorts, yoga studios might measure improved telomere length, and prescriptions may be coupled with hyper-personalized guides to optimal health.

As we look to a future where healthcare and wellness converge, an excellent example in the full report is Octave’s Sangha Retreat in Suzhou, China, which presents what we believe is next for healthcare and wellness. A kind of yin yang approach where two seemingly opposing forces finally discover that they can—and must—work together. As Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier puts it, “Medicine is realizing that its roots have come from wellness traditions, and the wellness community is recognizing that not all doctors are evil.”

Adding Color to Wellness

Graphic videos and the protests of last summer prompted many businesses to voice support for anti-racism. While diversity and inclusion have become a popular topic in the wellness industry, this trend argues that to generate substantive change, the wellness industry must recognize and address the false narrative that wellness is for affluent white people. It discusses how the industry can add color to wellness by valuing Black consumers and wellness professionals and describes the different ways that Black people actually experience wellness offerings and spaces, highlighting racial inequalities.

This full report also provides insights into the future, illustrating how companies are changing the wellness narrative, and gives suggestions for how the wellness industry can add color to wellness. And it demonstrates that companies that value wellness for all racial groups and income levels will thrive as they expand their consumer markets and increase business innovation and profitability. Wellness enterprises that value diversity, respect Black wellness needs, and work to support more equitable access, represent the future of wellness.

Resetting Events with Wellness: You may never sit on a banquet chair again

Around mid-March 2020, the pandemic brought in-person events to an abrupt halt. And no matter the power of technology and the gratitude we felt for Zoomed Wi-Fi connectivity, the world hungered for personal interactions.

But there was a silver lining: A new trend that will forever change meetings and events was born, with wellness at the core. New hybrid events (in-person and virtual gatherings) sprouted like mushrooms after a spring rain. Technology companies raced to be the platform for hosting hybrid meetings. Investors threw money at tech companies, and within months of the pandemic shutting down most in-person-only gatherings, new companies had taken hold, and a new world was emerging.

As the full report explains, the trend reinforces top-of-mind topics like health, safety and immunity and employs new protocols and technologies that mitigate risk in engaging ways. In 2021 and beyond, creativity is driving connection—and how we gather is taking on new—and healthier—meanings.

Money Out Loud: Financial Wellness Is Finding Its Voice

Money has topped the “do-not-discuss” list for decades—right alongside religion, sex and politics. But it’s 2021, and transparency is trending. A culture craving authenticity is breaking the money taboo—transforming finance from a hush-hush, one-size-fits-all, cut-and-dry industry to one that’s more human, empathetic, and, dare we say, fun.

This growing openness is being driven by a much larger mental health awakening. And with research linking financial stress to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, respiratory conditions and more—it’s about time money is put under the microscope.

This growing financial wellness movement is moving money talk far beyond the bank. Financial therapists are tackling the intersection between money and mental health, and the three billion views of #personalfinance content on TikTok prove that finance influencers are officially a thing.

In 2021 and beyond, we’ll begin to see the end of financial systems designed to profit from our failure and the start of financial wellness awakening. Money talks. It’s time we start using a language everyone can understand.

2021: The Year of the Travel Reset

The coronavirus pandemic acted as a near-complete brake on travel in 2020. The pause gave everyone—consumers and suppliers—the opportunity to think about rebooting travel for the better by correcting overtourism, becoming more conscious of where our money goes, and how to use the enormous power of tourism to sustain cultures and environments and perhaps even leave them better off.

Looking ahead, the year 2021 may be the year that all travel becomes wellness travel. From the manic travel of 2019, which was the ninth year of record-setting growth in travel, outpacing global economic expansion, 2021 will be the year of the travel reset, going slower, nearer and more mindfully. But travel will reset fitfully, mirroring the vaccination rollout, which has prompted optimism as well as tentativeness.

The full trend explains the ways travel will be reset in 2021, including making travel regenerative, challenging overtourism, correcting undertourism, tentative travel, embracing nature, and putting purpose first.

For more information, contact Beth McGroarty:, (+1) 213-300-0107

About the Global Wellness Summit: The Global Wellness Summit is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. Held in a different location each year, Summits have taken place in the US, Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, India, Morocco, Mexico, Austria, Italy and Singapore. The 14th annual Summit took place at The Breakers Palm Beach, FL, from November 8–11, 2020. The 2021 GWS will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, in November 2021.

How To Compare Discounts And Select The Best One

News Image

“Getting car insurance discounts is the best way to save money. But you must carefully analyze not only the value but also how long it lasts and overall, how much money you can save”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has released a new blog post that explains how drivers should select their car insurance discounts.

For more info and free car insurance quotes online, visit

Being eligible for car insurance discounts will help drivers save a lot of money. Some discounts can offset the expenses by as much as 35%. Overall, a driver can save hundreds of dollars each year. This is why it is recommended to investigate more about available discounts provided by the current carrier. We also recommend policyholders to periodically check the market offers and use to compare prices.

  • The first thing to check are the prerequisites for each discount. And each company may have different prerequisites for the same discount. For example, one company may impose a 13,000 miles a year for a low mileage discount, while another one may impose 10,000 miles. Carefully read the terms for being approved and compare with the terms of multiple companies. Keep in mind that lax conditions do not necessarily mean a good discount.
  • Check the value of each discount. If two discounts have the same pre-requisites, then they should offer the same discount. If not, may sound logical to go with the discount that saves more money. But only if the discounts are for the same product, require the same things and have the same availability period. That’s the next thing to verify.
  • Clients must also check the availability period of the discount. A discount may be greater in savings value, but if it lasts only 2 or 3 months, in the long run it would be a bad choice. In this case, a smaller, but a longer-lasting discount would provide better savings is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

For more information, please visit

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Ziegler Advises Bluegrass Orthopaedics On The Creation Of A New Platform With Trivest Partners

“We greatly enjoyed guiding BGO through the transaction with Trivest and are excited for them to be the foundational platform in a national Orthopedic growth strategy.” said Andrew Colbert, Senior Managing Director in Ziegler’s Corporate Finance practice and lead banker on this transaction.

Ziegler, a specialty investment bank, is pleased to announce it served as the exclusive financial advisor to Bluegrass Orthopaedics on its partnership with Trivest Partners, L.P, together forming a new national Orthopedic management services organization (“MSO”).

Bluegrass Orthopaedics (“BGO”) is an orthopedic surgery group located in Lexington, KY that specializes in orthopedic surgery, imaging, and rehabilitation. The practice is comprised of 14 Board Certified and Fellowship Trained specialized physicians who offer sports medicine, total joint care, industrial medicine, and foot, ankle, hand care, and physical therapy from eight locations. Trivest also invested alongside the BGO physicians in Bluegrass Specialty Surgery Center (“BSSC”), a leading orthopedic ambulatory surgery center in Kentucky. Last year, BGO treated over 16,000 patients and performed more than 2,700 outpatient surgeries.

Bluegrass Orthopaedics will serve as the foundational group for Trivest’s new national platform in the orthopedics market. As part of the growth strategy, BGO and Trivest will focus on expanding the Company’s geographic presence through targeted add-on acquisitions, proactively recruiting new top-tier physicians to the practice, further developing ancillary service lines and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, and leading technologies to support best-in-class surgical performance.

“Andy Colbert and the Ziegler team made this deal possible. Their knowledge and expertise in the healthcare sector proved instrumental in leading successful negotiations while addressing the most important issues for our practice. Thanks to their involvement, we are off to an exciting and collaborative relationship with our new partner, Trivest. We believe that the Ziegler team is a true value-add to any group considering a strategic investment opportunity” said Dr. Greg D’Angelo, M.D., Senior Partner and President of Bluegrass Orthopaedics.

“We greatly enjoyed guiding BGO through the transaction with Trivest and are excited for them to be the foundational platform in a national Orthopedic growth strategy.” said Andrew Colbert, Senior Managing Director in Ziegler’s Corporate Finance practice and lead banker on this transaction.

Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP provided legal counsel to Bluegrass Orthopaedics in connection with the transaction.

Ziegler’s Corporate Finance team is focused on delivering best-in-class advisory and financing solutions for companies and organizations across the healthcare industry. In our core practice areas of healthcare services, information technology, hospitals and senior living, Ziegler is one of the most active M&A firms offering innovative sell-side, buy-side, recapitalization/restructuring, equity private placement and strategic partnering services.

Andrew Colbert is a Senior Managing Director and founding member of Ziegler’s Healthcare Investment Banking Practice. Mr. Colbert specializes in advising physician groups on strategic and financing alternatives including merger and acquisitions, capital raising transactions and partnership development

For more information about Ziegler, please visit us at

About Ziegler:

Ziegler is a privately held, national boutique investment bank, capital markets and proprietary investments firm. It has a unique focus on healthcare, senior living and education sectors, as well as general municipal and structured finance. Headquartered in Chicago with regional and branch offices throughout the U.S., Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising, strategic advisory services, fixed income sales, underwriting and trading as well as Ziegler Credit, Surveillance and Analytics. To learn more, visit

Certain comments in this news release represent forward-looking statements made pursuant to the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. This client’s experience may not be representative of the experience of other clients, nor is it indicative of future performance or success. The forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, in particular, the overall financial health of the securities industry, the strength of the healthcare sector of the U.S. economy and the municipal securities marketplace, the ability of the Company to underwrite and distribute securities, the market value of mutual fund portfolios and separate account portfolios advised by the Company, the volume of sales by its retail brokers, the outcome of pending litigation, and the ability to attract and retain qualified employees.

# # #

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Visikol Launches BitSlide, Cloud-Based Digital Pathology Slide Visualization Platform

Multiplex Image

Visikol has been a leader in advanced bioimaging through its portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and innovative drug discovery, bioimaging, and histopathology services. Visikol is focused on transforming tissues into actionable insights that allow researchers to make informed decisions and accelerate their research programs.

The company is model and disease agnostic and has a team of experts with extensive project experience in drug screening, preclinical and clinical research including liver disease, immunology and immuno-oncology, toxicology, cancer, and neuroscience. Visikol offers a suite of tissue imaging and bioassay services that include, light sheet microscopy, high content screening, confocal microscopy, fluorescent and brightfield slide scanning, imaging mass cytometry and multiplex immunohistochemistry services.

Through these imaging services, Visikol generates a substantial amount of data and it is often challenging to share this data with Clients due to its size (multi-gigabyte) and a lack of computing power and appropriate software to visualize the datasets. This is especially the case for multiplex immunofluorescent data sets which most off-the-shelf software and personal computers are not optimized to handle.

To address these problems, Visikol has developed its BitSlide cloud sharing platform which provides researchers the ability to easily visualize brightfield or fluorescent whole-slide images within a web-browser, avoiding the need to download multi-gigabyte files. The need for BitSlide became even more acute during COVID19 as many researchers started working from home without the use of high-bandwidth internet connections, core computers with adequate memory, and proprietary imaging software. Uniquely, the BitSlide platform enables interactive visualization of multiplex immunohistochemistry whole-slide images, which require overlay of 10-20 image channels simultaneously, and previously required specialized software and computing power to access. With BitSlide, researchers can instantly load large multi-channel image datasets, pan and zoom at full resolution, adjust contrast, adjust color channels for individual markers, take measurements and annotations.

Currently, the BitSlide platform is being used throughout Visikol service projects such that its communication with Clients is more efficient and results can easily be shared as a project progresses. Clients can also easily annotate slides for use in building artificial intelligence models or for simply highlighting features of interest to discuss.

“We built this software platform to really address a key bottleneck in delivering multiplex immunohistochemistry whole-slide imaging data to our Clients in a way that is easy to use and does not require specialized software tools. We have already received very positive feedback from our Clients in pharma and medical research on its ease-of-use and quality,” noted CSO Tom Villani, PhD.

BitSlide™ is hosted securely through Amazon Web Services (AWS), where data is redundantly backed-up, encrypted, and securely housed for indefinite storage. Visikol shares Client data with a secure access portal which is only available to the Client, who can then subsequently choose to share it via hyperlink with other collaborators. BitSlide is compatible with any device including tablets and smartphones. Visikol also offers BitSlide as a hosted solution to organizations with large quantities of digital histology images, such as universities and hospitals.

Reach out to us today to learn how Visikol’s imaging services can help turn your images into insights.

About Visikol Incorporated

Visikol is a contract research services company that is focused on accelerating drug discovery and development through the use of its imaging, digital pathology and advanced cell culture assay services. The company provides end-to-end preclinical services that include both 2D and 3D in vitro models and assays, 3D whole mount tissue imaging, multiplex imaging, high content imaging, digital pathology and custom drug discovery solutions. Visikol’s expertise is in transforming tissues and cells into large image-based data sets that can be mined for actionable insights such that pharmaceutical and biotech companies can make more quantitative and informed decision during the drug development process. Additionally, Visikol manufactures and sells a suite of tissue clearing reagents and 3D immuno-labeling kits. These products allow researchers to easily and rapidly image whole tissues and 3D cell culture models in 3D instead of traditional 2D sectioning. For more information about Visikol or its services, please visit

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Green Cubes Technology Announces New Resources on How to Capitalize on Innovative Power and Battery Technology for Material Handling Equipment

News Image

These new assets discuss how Lithium battery technology is an integral part of effective scaling and efficient use of new and existing material handling equipment.

Green Cubes Technology, a leader in the design and manufacturing of lithium power systems, today announced it will present a new webcast on how to capitalize on innovative power and battery technology for material handling equipment. The webcast will run February 4, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EST, presented by Peerless Media. Dr. Robin Schneider, Director of Marketing and Tony Cooper, General Manager, both of Green Cubes Technology, will speak. Bob Trebilcock, Editorial Director of Modern Materials Handling, will moderate. The company also announced a new white paper on best practices for using lithium-ion in cold storage facilities.

“The unprecedented use of e-commerce has contributed to a huge growth in the need for efficiency in distribution and warehousing, and distribution of pre-prepared, home delivered meals and other grocery items has increased the need for cold-chain and freezer storage,” said Dr. Schneider. “During this webcast, we will discuss how Lithium battery technology is an integral part of effective scaling and efficient use of new and existing material handling equipment.”

These assets provide practical examples about how an integrated power platform, enabled with the Internet of Things (IOT) technology, can increase the efficiency of your equipment and personnel while meeting targets for green initiatives. This technology can be easily integrated into material handling equipment to take advantage of the benefits of Lithium batteries and wireless charging, as well as increase fleet time utilization and decrease fleet maintenance. Registrants will also learn how to decrease electricity consumption and reduce use of consumable equipment parts and optimize best use of floor space.

Register to attend the webcast here.

Download the white paper here.

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Lig & Ceptor Launches Three Novel Plant-Based Capsules to Help Decrease Suffering and Increase Comfort

By fusing compassion and conscience with the data, science and knowledge accumulated through years of medical practice — Lig & Ceptor will help decrease suffering and increase peace of mind and comfort for their customers.

Lig & Ceptor, a nutraceutical company producing natural, safe, effective alternative medicine for all people, launched three lines of novel plant-based formulas, enhanced with cannabidiol, inspired by healing traditions from around the globe while being firmly rooted in current scientific research designed to relieve, resist and renew. By fusing compassion and conscience with the data, science and knowledge accumulated through years of medical practice — Lig & Ceptor will help decrease suffering and increase peace of mind and comfort for their customers.

For patients seeking new treatment options for chronic illnesses, for medical and health professionals looking for new and different ways to help, for people, young and old, who just want to feel better and increase their overall health and well-being – the three product lines were developed to live better, with more products launching soon.

Relieve: Pain Formula

Focuses on several key receptors to aid in a safe and effective means of supporting and recalibrating stimulated pain receptors.

Resist: Viral Formula

Optimizes the body’s response to invasive organisms by helping to modulate the immune system and inflammatory response.

Renew: Focus Formula

Supports the body and mind to operate at an optimal level.

All of Lig & Ceptor’s formulas have a Cannabidiol (CBD) backbone, which enhances the wide-reaching benefits of other ingredients. By turning on or off certain receptors in the body, desired results can be achieved for a number of conditions. Over 43% of prescription medications are derived from plants. Mother Nature has been the birthplace of all indigenous healing traditions.

“’How can we evolve medicine in a way that makes it better for all and could even make all of us better? As integrative physicians on the front lines of healthcare, we ask ourselves this question every day,” said Sean Devlin, D.O., co-founder at Lig & Ceptor.

“For the past year and a half our team has tirelessly endeavored to review and study the scientific literature from around the world in an effort to address some of the most pressing medical concerns of our time. After seeing firsthand both the benefits and shortcomings of modern-day pharmacology, we’ve made it our goal to provide safer and more effective alternatives.”

The company is mission-based and committed to donating 2% of profits to supporting groups and initiatives that are having the biggest positive impact towards sustainable health for humans and planet earth. Optimal health arises when the most fundamental needs are met including access to clean water, food, shelter, medicine and safe, supportive communities.

Lig & Ceptor formulations are manufactured in an FDA approved facility and in accordance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which validates the identity, strength, quality, and purity for all formulas.

For more details and to purchase visit:

Direct to consumer and wholesale opportunities available at launch.


Lig & Ceptor is a physician-founded company that produces natural, safe, and effective medicine for all people looking for a better and more proactive way to intervene, prevent, and discover alternative treatments for symptomatic health issues seen in society today. Through effective, thoroughly researched, science-based products along with their conscientious, compassionate approach to business and health, Lig & Ceptor is evolving the way to think about medicine, health, wellness and self-care.

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Benelinx Rolls Out Enhanced Agency Management Solution

Agency management software for employee benefits insurance

Agency management software for employee benefits insurance

Benelinx equips agencies of all sizes with tools to create a multi-year strategy that includes predictive modeling on employee election behavior, a contribution strategy methodology and justification for a multiplan benefit program.

Insurance tech provider Benelinx today announced the release of new features including automated member level assignments and horizontal market proposal templates to enhance its robust agency management software. Not only do these features significantly reduce admin time and the potential for errors, they provide comprehensive data modeling and analysis capabilities at the member level, helping brokers deliver greater value to clients through more accurate projections and final enrollment reporting.

“Health insurance has always been complicated for employer groups to navigate, and it’s no wonder more CFOs are now making the employee benefits decisions,” said Benelinx CEO & founder Rachel Zeman. “Brokers must go head to head with C-Suite decisionmakers to provide sophisticated analytics on market proposal recommendations. Our newest release equips agencies of all sizes with tools to create a multi-year strategy that includes predictive modeling on employee election behavior, a contribution strategy methodology and justification for a multiplan benefit program.”

Benelinx provides benefits brokers with an integrated approach to agency management, automating day-to-day operations, sales & renewals, and client service within a secure, cloud-based platform. The release, available now for licensed Benelinx users, includes:

Key Features

  • Assign Plans – Assign specific proposed plans at the individual member level, comparing current plans to a mapped plan and up to 12 alternate multiplan models per employee.
  • Assign Policies – Designate final enrollment elections for each employee. This includes a new reporting tool to export active employee policy details and tiered coverage elections for medical, dental and vision. The report also includes member specific premiums, employer and employee contribution values and employee payroll deduction information.
  • Horizontal Proposal Templates – Available in age-banded and composite layouts, new templates offer a comprehensive analysis of current, renewal and alternative market recommendations.
  • Expanded Benefits Booklets – Access new templates for age-banded and composite medical policies.
  • Buy-Up Contribution – Enhanced contribution modeling. Designate base plans for contribution calculations for medical, dental and vision policy types.
  • Enhanced Table Rates – View employer contribution, employee contribution and payroll calculations in table rate format within age-banded proposals.
  • Commission Tracking Enhancements – Assign broker/producer commissions by deal to customize commissions unique for a specific proposal. Automatically updates commissions at the policy level.

Additional Features

  • Enhanced Contribution Details – Access contribution amounts for each product line on proposal and policy layouts, as well as designated base plan names.
  • Get Quote Mapped Plan Selection – Designate mapped plans on the Get Quote UI with a single click.
  • Enhanced Mark Deal As Sold – Easily review contribution details and enhanced plan details when marking deals as sold.
  • Census Automated County Matching – Automatic county suggestions within the census uploader.
  • Improved Currency Formatting
  • Custom Composite Proposed Plans – Create proposed plan participants for each active employee.
  • Custom Composite Policies – Create employee policies for each active employee.

Powered by Salesforce for proven security, reliability and cutting-edge backend technology, Benelinx is an end-to-end agency management solution to help benefits brokers reduce overhead, boost productivity and grow revenue. Key platform features include executive dashboards, census upload, quoting engine, commission management and custom document creation.

To learn more about Benelinx or request a free demo, visit

About Benelinx

Founded in 2019 by a seasoned broker, Benelinx is a complete agency management solution for the employee benefits industry. Benelinx consolidates operations and workflow into a centralized, secure platform, eliminating outdated legacy systems and manual data entry. Built for today’s digital world, Benelinx improves productivity and provides access to accurate, real-time data. Powered by Salesforce, the leader in CRM and secure cloud-based business applications. Visit for more information.

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“Relationship counseling is most effective when couples find the right approach that works for them,” says Caitlin Kingston, LCSW. “Our in-depth guide was developed to help couples access the best online care with experts that offer real-time or self-paced sessions.”, a premier global database that connects carefully vetted therapists with clients, has announced the best online relationship counseling platforms of 2021. The top websites were evaluated based on core features across several categories.

All platforms were required to offer a variety of ways to communicate with therapists, including phone, video, email, text messaging, and live chat. The study also examined solutions that provide a diverse group of mental health professionals with different credentials and areas of expertise. Experts at recommend services with flexible options for clients that need live sessions or self-guided programs.

“Relationship counseling is most effective when couples find the right approach that works for them,” says Caitlin Kingston, LCSW. “Our in-depth guide was developed to help couples access the best online care with experts that offer real-time or self-paced sessions.” reviewed numerous platforms across the globe in high demand categories. To access the complete list of best online relationship counseling platforms of 2021, please visit

Best Online Relationship Counseling Platforms of 2021

  • Our Relationship — Best Overall
  • Growing Self Counseling and Coaching — Best for Premarital Counseling
  • BetterHelp — Best for Individual Counseling
  • Couples Learn — Best Trial Option
  • The Relationship Suite — Best for ESL Speakers
  • ReGain — Most Flexible
  • Talkspace — Best for Convenient Communication
  • MDLive — Best for Insurance Coverage
  • E-Therapy Cafe — Best for Short-Term Counseling
  • Relationship Hero — Best Relationship Coaching

ABOUT ONLINETHERAPY.COM connects people with therapists all over the world. With advanced search tools, clients can find carefully vetted therapists based on education and experience, or use a personal matching tool to identify the best counselor for their specific needs. The platform also provides resources for therapists that want to start or expand their virtual practice. In addition to an extensive directory of professionals, users can access articles, reviews, and a podcast series. To learn more, visit

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L-com Launches New Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Media Converter with PoE Ports

L-com Launches New Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Media Converter with PoE Ports

“Our new line of L-com brand PoE switches and media converter offer the perfect combination of high-speed Gigabit ports as well as support for PoE connected devices making them very desirable for a wide range of networking applications,” said Dustin Guttadauro, Product Line Manager

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, and a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has introduced a new line of triple speed, Gigabit Ethernet switches and media converter for use in demanding industrial and commercial networking applications where PoE connected devices are required.

L-com’s new Gigabit Ethernet switch line consists of two models that feature plug and play, unmanaged operation as well as PoE enabled RJ45 ports.

The WM8-4G-4GP+ is an eight port Industrial Gigabit PoE Ethernet switch that features four standard 10/100/1000, RJ45 ports as well as four 10/100/1000, RJ45 ports that support 802.3at/af PoE+ and a total power budget of 60W. This rugged switch features a metal, IP30 rated case making it well suited for use industrial or commercial applications.

L-com’s DT10-2G-8GP+ 10 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch was designed to address commercial Ethernet applications and can be used in environmentally controlled data centers, IT closets or on desktops. This switch features eight 10/100/1000, RJ45 ports with 802.3at/af PoE+ support and a total power budget of 120W. Furthermore, this switch features two standard 10/100/1000, RJ45 ports without PoE capability.

In addition to the two new PoE Gigabit Ethernet switches, L-com now offers the MC-1GP+SFP media converter. This Gigabit Ethernet media converter features a 10/100/1000 RJ45 port with 802.3at/af PoE+ support and a total power budget of 30W as well as one 1000SX/LX, SFP/GBIC slot that can accommodate any standard SFP (small form-factor pluggable) transceiver.

“Our new line of L-com brand PoE switches and media converter offer the perfect combination of high-speed Gigabit ports as well as support for PoE connected devices making them very desirable for a wide range of networking applications. By offering these new switches and media converter as in-stock, off-the-shelf items, we are able to address our customers’ urgent needs,” said Dustin Guttadauro, Product Line Manager.

L-com’s new Gigabit Ethernet switches and media converter with 802.3at/af ports are in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

About L-com:

L-com, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, offers a wide range of solutions and unrivaled customer service for the electronics and data communications industries. The company’s product portfolio includes cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, antennas, enclosures, surge protectors and more. L-com is headquartered in North Andover, Mass., is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and many of its products are UL® recognized. L-com is an Infinite Electronics brand.

About Infinite Electronics:

Based in Irvine, Calif., Infinite Electronics offers a broad range of components, assemblies and wired/wireless connectivity solutions, serving the aerospace/defense, industrial, government, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical and telecommunications markets. Infinite’s brands include Pasternack, Fairview Microwave, L-com, MilesTek, Aiconics, KP Performance Antennas, PolyPhaser, Transtector, RadioWaves, ShowMeCables, INC Installs and Integra Optics. Infinite Electronics serves a global engineering customer base with deep technical expertise and support, with one of the broadest inventories of products available for immediate shipment.

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Neighborhood Credit Union’s Annual Prize Savings Delivery Goes Virtual

Still Image of check in the amount of $49,999.99 for the Prize Savings Account grand winner.

Oh my goodness! I knew I was winning something, but I had just hoped it might be enough to pay someone to clean up the leaves in my backyard.

As it has for 13 years in a row, Neighborhood Credit Union surprised one of its members Tuesday with a $49,999 grand prize to kick off the new year, as a reward for good savings habits in her Prize Savings Account.

Neighborhood Credit Union created the Prize Savings Account in 2007 as an innovative approach to help reverse what was the lowest savings rate in U.S. history. The idea was to encourage more members to save money by offering prizes and rewards throughout the year, so members could experience immediate and tangible incentives and discover how good savings habits can reap unexpected rewards. The giveaways culminate with the grand prize drawing every New Year’s Day.

In a sign of the times, this year’s surprise was delivered virtually instead of face to face. The winner, Yvonne, was initially skeptical when she joined the online presentation.

“Are you kidding?” she exclaimed when told she had just won nearly $50,000. “Oh my goodness! I knew I was winning something, but I had just hoped it might be enough to pay someone to clean up the leaves in my backyard. God is good.”

Yvonne, who lives near Fort Worth, joined Neighborhood Credit Union with her family in 1992. Over the years, she said she has relied on her credit union to help her in a variety of ways, noting that one of Neighborhood Credit Union’s team members had recently advised her about what to do with her Individual Retirement Account, given the pandemic. “You all have been really good anytime I need help,” she said. “Professional, but also like family.”

When asked about her approach to saving money, Yvonne said her parents had taught her to save.

“I have never lived beyond my means,” she said. “I put a little back from every paycheck and find ways to be frugal, like driving a nice used car or shopping at garage sales. I guess that’s the secret. Start young and save a little bit at a time. The years will go by really fast!”

Yvonne said the pandemic has kept her at home and away from her grown children, who live out of state, so once it becomes safe to travel again, she will use some of her winnings to go to spend time with them in person. The remainder likely will stay in her Prize Savings Account.

Except $100 to pay the yard guys, of course.

How the Prize Savings Account Works: Neighborhood Credit Union members receive one drawing entry for every $25 monthly average balance in their Prize Savings Accounts. The greater the savings, the more chances a member has of winning. Members are eligible for monthly and quarterly drawings, culminating with the annual grand prize, drawn each January 1 based on the average monthly balance in the savings account at close of business December 31.

About Neighborhood Credit Union: The first credit union in Dallas (chartered April 18, 1930), Neighborhood Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial organization that serves Texans from all walks of life. With locations across North Texas, Neighborhood Credit Union has a membership of 56,500 and continues to welcome new members daily across the state of Texas. For more information, call (214) 748-9393 or visit

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