Sitata and Edelweiss Airways partner to help travellers with their COVID tests on their return journey

Sitata and Edelweiss are proud to announce that passengers will have one less thing to worry about when they travel for their holidays this summer. With Sitata’s latest tool, Edelweiss passengers will be able to quickly understand their travel requirements including the latest health forms, quarantine and insurance requirements, and even if they need a COVID-19 test.

Should passengers require a COVID-19 test, Sitata allows them to find and book their test without leaving the tool. This is especially important for the return journey as many travellers struggle to find a reputable testing location in their holiday destinations before they return home.

It’s easy enough to find a test in your home country before you leave, but doing the same for your return journey can be a nightmare. That’s why we focused on building a solution for travellers to find and book a COVID-19 test at their desired destination. Now it’s easy to make all the necessary preparations for your entire trip – even before you leave.

  • Adam St. John, CEO Sitata

The new tool is now available on Edelweiss’ website for any passenger or visitor. In addition, all users of the tool will be able to purchase Sitata’s Travel Safe subscription at a reduced rate which will allow them to stay up to date with any changes in entry requirements and stay informed about any other type of potential disruption from disease outbreaks and updates to violence or transit strikes. The Sitata Travel Safe subscription also provides access to remote doctors through telemedicine for those who are feeling unwell.

Especially in these times, planning security is very important for travellers. We are happy that we have found a partner in Sitata, which provides our guests with up-to-date and reliable information. We see Sitata’s service as a great added value.

  • Patrick Heymann, Chief Commercial Officer Edelweiss

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline and flies to the most beautiful destinations in the world. The airline reliably ensures a pleasant and carefree travel time to the vacation destination and looks after the safety and well-being of its guests with commitment and cordiality. Edelweiss is a sister company of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and a member of the Lufthansa Group.

About Sitata

With headquarters in Kitchener, Canada, Sitata is a global health, safety, and risk management provider. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Ronald St. John, a world-renowned leader in the field of public health and emergency preparedness, the company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and innovative mobile technologies to keep travelers safe when abroad. Sitata combines technology and services to address a variety of industries including aviation, travel management, travel insurance and assistance, and general travel for business, education, or holidays.

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