Singular Hearing’s HeardThat App Seeks iPhone and Android Users to Conduct Field Research

As parts of the world start to reopen, people are returning to coffee shops, restaurants, sporting events and other social situations. Those with hearing loss face a familiar problem – hearing speech in noise. Singular Hearing, a subsidiary of Singular Software and creator of HeardThat, announced today that its HeardThat app is conducting field research to help advance the product for a variety of real-world situations. The company is seeking Android and iPhone users to assist by using HeardThat in noisy settings and submitting reports on their experience.

HeardThat reduces and even eliminates noise in a unique way, using deep learning algorithms that were trained by thousands of hours of speech and noise. The proposed field research will enable HeardThat engineers to integrate more data into the artificial intelligence algorithm development.

Those interested in becoming a HeardThat researcher should:

  • Own an iPhone or Android phone newer than about 5 years
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have challenges in hearing speech in noisy environments
  • Are permitted by local public health regulations to engage in the type of social situations described below

“The HeardThat team is passionate about helping those who struggle to hear speech well in noisy areas.” said Singular Hearing CEO Bruce Sharpe. “We’re dedicated to continuously updating the app to meet users’ needs. We’ve gotten valuable feedback since our launch in late 2020 and we’re excited to open this research opportunity to more users as people are able to return to social situations.”

Singular Hearing will select a limited number of field researchers and ask those who agree to participate to use HeardThat for a brief period of time in a noisy restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or similar setting while carrying on a conversation with a partner. Once the session has ended, field researchers agree to send HeardThat feedback in the app with a short report about their experience.

Singular Hearing invites new and existing users to apply to become a field researcher by July 26. 2021. If accepted, field researchers have up to two weeks to complete the task and will be compensated with a $25 Amazon gift card.

For more details and to apply, please visit

About Singular Hearing

Singular Hearing is a subsidiary of Singular Software. Founder and CEO Bruce Sharpe and his team of AI experts have extensive experience in audio technology and a deep passion for finding effective solutions for everyday problems. They leverage machine learning and speech processing to create innovative products that help people live better by hearing better.

Singular Hearing is the creator of HeardThat, an award-winning innovative app that turns smartphones into sophisticated hearing-assistive devices. HeardThat helps those with hearing challenges by delivering clear speech in noisy environments.

HeardThat won the What’s Next Innovation Challenge Sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs at the 17th Annual What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit and was named the first runner-up in the What’s Next Business Plan Competition at the 17th What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit. For more information, please visit


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