Salvacion USA Inc. Announces Update on Antiseptic COVIXYL-V

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The proprietary combination proved to be effective in inactivating the viruses up to 100%.

COVID-19 infections are worldwide. While effective treatments are being developed, the current emphasis is on prevention utilizing facial masks, applying hand sanitizers and social distancing. Masks alone cannot protect against transmission of infections through aerosol and droplets. Therefore, effective antiseptics that can be used in nasopharynx or oral routes is needed to reduce and prevent transmission.

Salvacion USA Inc., located at Englewood Cliffs, NJ, announced today that COVIXYL-V, antiseptic (CL12), demonstrated virucidal activity against SAR-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID -19. CL12 is a proprietary combination of two FDA approved ingredients developed to inactivate SAR-CoV-2 for nasal and oral administration. The proprietary combination proved to be effective in inactivating the viruses up to 100%. The combination is effective at low concentrations, applicable for nasal sprays and/ or oral rinse to inactivate the virus. In vitro testing was performed by IBT BioServices and another bio-contained approved reputable laboratory in Rockville, MD.

CL12 is based on a proprietary combination of antiviral agents derived from natural amino acids, lauroyl arginine esters (LAE) and copper salts which synergistically works to inactivate the virus. LAE has been extensively studied for safety for human use and on the basis of extensive safety file, it was approved by FDA as preservative used in foods and other categories of over the counter products and is classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). The LAE is proven to attach to the mucus surfaces of the mouth and stays up to 12 hours. It can help prevent the virus from attaching to the epithelial cells. Copper salts are well known antiviral agents and are listed on FDA GRAS list. Our laboratories studies showed that these two agents act synergistically to inactivate viruses. Additional in vivo studies are planned to validate the laboratory studies. This combination is safe to use in humans based on FDA registration of these compounds as safe material in Federal registers.

Based on the study results, Salvacion USA filed this innovation to PCT and USPTO patents and plans to develop the nasal and oral delivery sprays made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and seeks FDA EUA approval under the emergency authorization route.

This proprietary combination was developed thru co-operation with industry and academic experts in the field and are the members of our development team.

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