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Predictive toxicology is a discipline that aims to proactively identify adverse human health and environmental effects in response to chemical exposure. GARD – Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection™ – is a next-generation, animal-free testing framework for assessment and characterization of chemical sensitizers. The GARD platform integrates state-of-the-art technological components, including human immunological cells, specific genomic biomarker signatures and machine learning-assisted classification models.

As a result, the GARD platform provides an accurate, cost-effective and efficient assessment of skin sensitizing capabilities of neat chemicals, complex formulations, mixtures and materials, including finished medical devices. GARD assays are successfully applied throughout the product life cycle of chemical, life science and medical device industries.

The GARD™skin Medical Device assay is an adaptation of SenzaGen’s skin sensitization test for chemicals, GARD™skin. The medical device adaptation enables the medical device industry to perform skin sensitization testing of both saline and oil extracts from devices or materials as described in ISO 10993-12, thus mimicking the intended use of the device when in contact with skin. The GARD platform is also compatible with a broad selection of solvents, allowing for further analysis of extracts from chemical characterization studies. GARD™skin is currently being validated for regulatory acceptance.

Join experts from SenzaGen Rose-Marie Jenvert PhD, Product Manager GARD applications and in Joshua Schmidt PhD, Business Development Director-Americas in a live webinar on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 10am EDT (3pm BST/UK).

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