rHEALTH’s Category Leading Vital Signs Device Granted US Patent

The SKYE Sensor is a single transformative device that allows users the ability to continuously monitor their vital signs under extreme conditions.

rHEALTH LLC, a Diagnose Yourself, AnywhereTM company, and its affiliate DNA Medicine Institute, Inc., announced today its SKYE Sensor has been granted US Patent 10,918,290 B2. The device is a chest-worn device which allows for continuous monitoring of all important vital signs: EKG, oxygen saturation, heart rate, core body temperature, and cuffless blood pressure. The device is the first device to integrate all these critical vital signs and be able to measure them continuously. The SKYE Sensor is paired with an app so it can be used anywhere.

The SKYE Sensor was developed in a joint collaboration between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the United States Air Force as an ideal approach for optimizing astronaut and airmen performance under extreme conditions. Both groups consists of individuals who have to pass extremely rigorous physical tests. The SKYE Sensor allows for monitoring performance over long-durations under sleep deprivation, circadian rhythm disturbances, extravehicular activity, and zero gravity.

“The SKYE Sensor is a single transformative device that allows users the ability to continuously monitor their vital signs under extreme conditions. This is of paramount importance for medical monitoring and assessing optimal human health and performance,” said Eugene Chan MD, CEO of rHEALTH.

The device is worn on the upper torso with an adhesive pad or a flexible, comfortable strap. Battery life is 12 hours to 2 weeks, depending on which vital signs are being monitored. It comes with a USB-based charging dock and an app which serves as a dashboard. It is features innovative multi-mode sensors that provide low-powered, wireless, pan-sensing capabilities.

About rHEALTH®

rHEALTH is a company focused on the development and commercialization of its Diagnose Yourself, AnywhereTM technology. The rHEALTH blood sensor is the subject of multiple XPRIZE awards, a NASA effort for astronaut health monitoring, and over a dozen issued patents. The SKYE Sensor is meant to provide comprehensive, continuous vitals monitoring under a wide range of conditions. For more information, visit http://www.rhealth.com.

About DNA Medicine Institute

DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) is a biomedical incubator focused on advancing patient care, alleviating human suffering, and treating disease through innovation. Its technology is subject of work funded by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. DMI leverages substantial expertise in interdisciplinary science and engineering to solve challenging problems. For more information, visit http://www.dnamedinstitute.com. The interagency collaboration for development of the SKYE Sensor was administered by NASA under contracts 80NSSC18P0210 and NNX15CJ08C.

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