Polio Survivor Rev. Lunde Shares Touching Journey of how Jesus Transformed her Life & Encourages others to Turn to Him During times of Uncertainty in Awe-Inspiring Book

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’Digging Deeper: The Bible Study’ furthered my understanding and love of the Bible. It is uplifting, multifaceted with precise information to reflect upon.

Rev. Florence Lunde experienced a dark period of hopelessness after surviving polio, which resulted in emotional distress, physical disabilities including becoming a wheelchair user and the need for a ventilator at night as well as took a toll on her social life. After feelings of grief and anger due to her disability, Rev. Lunde was lifted out of her dark place when she welcomed Jesus into her life and made it worth living. He saved her by providing a hopeful outlook on life and an appreciation for everything that she has been blessed with. Her personal experience inspired her to write “Digging Deeper: The Bible Study” as well as its companion book “Digging Deeper: The Devotional” so she could share with others the way her life was transformed by God and instill hope in readers by introducing them to the power and salvation of Jesus.

“Digging Deeper: The Bible Study” is a 30-day self-reflective, interactive, and thematic Bible study based on its sister book “Digging Deeper: The Devotional.” The book addresses themes such as fear, God’s presence in times of trouble, why worry, and trusting God and is designed to encourage the reader to enhance their Christian walk and to apply the Bible to their life.

“Before Jesus came into my life, I was severely depressed and suicidal because I could not accept my disability. To me, the future was as dark and bleak as it can get,” Rev. Lunde said. “When Jesus came into my life, He ended my depression, gave me a reason to live, and put joy in my heart. My desire is to share what Jesus has done for me as well as the message of victoriously living through the word of God despite one’s circumstances.”

“’Digging Deeper: The Bible Study’ furthered my understanding and love of the Bible. It is uplifting, multifaceted with precise information to reflect upon. Rev. Lunde gives us opportunities to look at our Biblical understanding and activity as well as enhance our self-evaluation. I definitely would recommend both the Bible Study and the companion book, ‘Digging Deeper: The Devotional’,” a reviewer wrote about the book.

Rev. Lunde’s books are destined to open readers’ minds and hearts to the many ways Jesus can enrich their lives. By applying the Bible to one’s daily life, they will have a new and hopeful outlook on the world around them and will grow in their walk with God alongside Rev. Lunde.

“Digging Deeper: The Bible Study”

By Rev. Florence Lunde

ISBN: 978-1-9736-8063-5 (sc); 978-1-9736-8062-8 (e)

Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook and WestBow Press.

About the author

Rev. Florence Lunde earned a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from New York University and worked twenty-nine years in an inner-city hospital. A graduate of the Berean College, she became an ordained minister in 1982. Rev. Lunde studied with the King’s Seminary and received a graduate certificate in Christian ministry. Rev. Lunde is also a Jewish believer and is the founding pastor and pastor emeritus of His Abundant Love Ministries, a ministry by/with people with physical disabilities. She is the author of “God’s Word for You”, “Digging Deeper: The Bible Study” and its sister book “Digging Deeper: The Devotional”. To learn more, please visit http://www.florencelunde.com.

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