Plastic Surgery Rumors Response by Madonna Highlights Importance of an Individual’s Control Over Their Body, says Beverly Hills Physicians

The medical group operates clinics located throughout Southern California.

The more assured a person is in their skin, the more likely they are to find and meet their personal, social, and career goals.

A June 11 article on Newsweek reports on a video that pop-music legend Madonna reposted of an impersonator responding to disparaging plastic surgery comments by telling naysayers to “shut up.” The superstar shared the clip with her Instagram followers with the caption, “some really good advice.” The article reports that, while Madonna has never confirmed or denied having any plastic surgery, she did respond to speculation in early 2019, saying that she was seeking no one’s approval and that everyone is entitled to make decisions over their bodies. Southern California health and beauty group Beverly Hills Physicians echoes the singer’s response, saying everyone, regardless of background or gender, deserves to look and feel their best.

The Los Angeles-based medical group says that there are many ways for people to achieve the best version of themselves. For some, it might be dyeing their hair blonde and for others, it might be through a facelift. Beverly Hills Physicians says everyone should be empowered to make the decisions they feel are necessary to allow them to be their most confident selves. The Southern California clinic stresses that, the more assured a person is in their skin, the more likely they are to find and meet their personal, social, and career goals.

Beverly Hills Physicians says that while plastic surgery can be utilized for purely cosmetic reasons—perhaps to look slimmer or younger—some procedures could be used to improve mental wellbeing. The center notes that for people going through major life changes, plastic surgery can help ease stress that might come from seeing a version of themselves that doesn’t accurately represent who they feel they are. This includes a mommy makeover for mothers whose bodies have experienced significant alterations, like stretched skin and sagging breasts, to breast augmentation and face feminization procedures for transgender women.

Beverly Hills Physicians says that individuals interested in getting cosmetic enhancements should be sure to have realistic expectations about their surgery and find a reputable plastic surgeon to perform the procedure for the best results possible. Just as important, the Los Angeles clinic says that regardless of the reasons people choose plastic surgery, it’s a decision that should only be up to them.

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