Pivt Launches Its Relocation and Social Well-Being App in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Pivt, the only mobile app that focuses on improving the social well-being concerns of relocated, mobile, and remote employees and their families, has officially launched in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Dallas, home to over twenty Fortune 500 companies, is the ideal locale for the launch. Having grown over the last decade by over 1,000,000 residents, it is now the fourth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. With moves to the Texas city projected to continue to grow, Pivt is the indispensable tool for newly relocated Dallas area employees to make their new city feel like Home with a capital “H”.

Beginning as soon as they learn about their impending move, relocated employees can use Pivt’s innovative approach to community-building by providing them with the immediate social well-being tools and options that people crave when relocating. Pivt assists users with making friends, receiving curated and trusted advice, and building meaningful connections. With its launch in Dallas, Pivt is offering a 3 month free opportunity to new users to explore the platform and acclimate seamlessly into the Dallas community with no risk and at no cost.

“After my own personal experience relocating to a new city, I realized how crucial a tool like Pivt can be to anyone whose career causes them to uproot their life,” shares Lynn Greenberg, CEO of Pivt. “Supporting employee well-being and curbing social isolation has always been incredibly important, but even more so today.”

Pivt creates a more positive work-life balance for employees, while also increasing retention rates and reducing turnover for companies, which spend over $90k to relocate just one employee, yet lose nearly 1 in 3 employees shortly after moving.

Demos are available and can be scheduled here: https://pivtapp.com/contact/

About Pivt: Companies spend over $90K to relocate an employee yet nearly 1/3 leave the company shortly after moving. Pivt is addressing the billions in losses to employers by creating a mobile app designed to reduce employee turnover and improve the well-being of relocated, remote, and mobile employees. Their Board includes Randi Zuckerberg (former Director of Marketing at Facebook) and Evan Segal (entrepreneur/investor and former Dept CFO in the Obama Administration). Pivt has raised from lead Investor Noemis Ventures and several notable celebrities and public figures.

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