McPeak™ Launches Defense 360 Immune and Wellness Ready-To-Go Drink Powders with Zero Grams of Sugar

McPeak™, a global company creates and develops effective, delicious, nutrient-dense, immune and wellness powders, gummies, bars, and hemp protein. They utilize marine-sourced minerals, functional immune superfoods, clinically studied probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, and organic, plant-based nutrients, and today announced the launch of Defense 360 ALL DAY and Defense 360 SLEEP elderberry immune and wellness, ready-to-go drink powders with zero grams of sugar shown here

“McPeak™ is powered by a circle of families with a firm belief that food is medicine and good for you should taste delicious. We listened closely to consumers and our loved ones who are looking for low-sugar, keto friendly, fun, plant-based options. We believe nutrient-dense functional foods with bold flavors are the future of wellness,” said Richie McPeak, the company’s co-founder. “McPeak™ will grow through soul-to-soul marketing, one happy customer telling another about their positive experience.”

Defense 360 All Day contains zero sugar, proven superfood immune boosters, plant-based anti-inflammatories, clinically studied, healthy gut and immune Probiotics, and replenishes micronutrient defenses, all in a delicious peachberry cloud powder.

Defense 360 Sleep contains zero sugar, unique sleep activators + stress support, a soothing and blissful herbal blend, nighttime rest and immune support, and a restorative micronutrient complex, all in a delicious blueberry lavender powder.

Ron Stockman, former Regional Whole Body Coordinator, Florida Region, Whole Foods Market for 17 years said, “I was introduced to the McPeak family after they founded a previous brand creating the world’s first organic gummy supplements line. From the first time I tried their products I could feel the difference, and my wife never felt better. McPeak™ products are made from the best ingredients with potencies proven to be efficacious and help support your body’s wellness. When you want the best supplements, McPeak™ offers wonderful formulations supporting your health.”

McPeak™’s dedicated, in-house food science team mindfully sources ingredients from family farms and non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free suppliers. Its formulators inspect every ingredient certificate and product made in its National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), organic, military-certified, U.S. facilities.

“I loved the Defense 360 All Day and Sleep powders. The taste is amazing, and I enjoy them in seltzer water. I can absolutely tell when a day is missed,” says Jen S., General Manager.

The company is also dedicated to sustainable packaging and pesticide-free ingredients for the health of the planet now, and for future generations. Its next-generation packaging allows you to sanitize hands, tear open a package, empty powder into a container, then dispose of the packaging, and re-sanitize hands. This keeps you and your loved ones safe.

About McPeak™

McPeak™ is a global company all about pesticide-free plants, organics, and family. Their gummies are manufactured by Albanese®, the world’s best. They partner with certified organic suppliers, and packaging manufacturers in the US. McPeak™ is goodness on the go made with love by a circle of families who have decades of experience and a strong commitment to personal health management and functional wellness foods. To learn more about McPeak™ and be a part of their health initiative, go to

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