Major Esports Organization Dignitas to Launch NFTs and Digital Playing Cards on DigitalBits Network

NFTs are the logical next step for esports teams, and we are excited to be leading this emerging wave in the gaming industry,

The DigitalBits blockchain has been selected as the protocol on which a series of NFT collections will launch for the world-renowned esports organization Dignitas. Zytara Labs, a full-service NFT production studio, will also be launching its NFT platform on the DigitalBits network in Q3 2021.

Zytara Labs has been named as the official digital playing card and NFT partner for Dignitas. As part of their multi-year partnership, Zytara Labs and Dignitas will release a series of Dignitas collections in the form of NFTs, digital playing cards, collectibles, and more on the DigitalBits blockchain. These unique digital assets will feature the Dignitas’ rebrand that took place earlier this year, an homage to the original Dignitas design, and will commemorate players, events, and moments, as well as provide exclusive access to new and exciting activations for Dignitas fans.

“NFTs are the logical next step for esports teams, and we are excited to be leading this emerging wave in the gaming industry,” said John Spiher, Vice President of Partnerships at Dignitas, “We look forward to working alongside Zytara Labs to create innovative fan opportunities to collect and trade our new playing cards and other NFTs.”

Zytara Labs has quickly established itself as a leader within the NFT industry, servicing a plethora of musical artists, pro-athletes, major brands, and other well-known individuals and organizations in the creation of their unique digital items.

Functioning as an end-to-end NFT partner, Zytara Labs provides both technical and creative aspects of NFT strategy and production, producing the highest quality, unique digital creations. Notably, Zytara Labs supported Floyd Mayweather’s “Legacy” NFT series that preceded his record-breaking bout with YouTube sensation Logan Paul, Dole Foods and David Datuna’s “Taking A Bite Out of Hunger” campaign, as well as the recent collaboration between world renowned artists Richard Orlinski and Ozuna. Mayweather’s NFT collection continues to hold the Top Seller spot on Rarible over the last 30 days since the successful launch of the collection.

“We are excited to be working with an innovative team such as Dignitas to create a series of NFT collections and seasonal player cards for fans. We’ve only begun to see a small part of how NFTs can be leveraged to engage fans and provide a closer connection to their favorite team and players,” said Zytara Founder and CEO Al Burgio.

The DigitalBits Project was originally launched in March 2018, with the vision of revolutionizing the utility of consumer digital assets. With Mainnet 2.0 going live in February 2021, a number of significant upgrades were introduced that expanded the scope of the project to consider rapidly emerging asset categories such as NFTs and fan tokens. With issues surrounding Ethereum’s scalability and environmental impact continuing to persist, users and brands are actively searching for alternatives that provide superior performance while reducing their carbon footprint. NFT functionality on DigitalBits enables the deployment of high-performance applications in which NFTs can be minted and utilized without subjecting users to long wait times and high fees, while significantly reducing energy consumption and emissions.

The DigitalBits Foundation (formerly the XDB Foundation), the nonprofit spearheading development of the DigitalBits protocol, has been aggressively expanding its NFT ecosystem, having recently partnered with Elitium and NFTY Labs. Notably, Elitium, alongside another DigitalBits ecosystem partner, GDA Capital, hosted NFT BAZL, an innovative physical and digital art event that took place within the auspicious Temple House in South Beach Miami.

“NFTs have triggered the emergence of a new paradigm within digital assets,” says Michael Gord, DigitalBits Foundation Managing Director. “We have yet to see the full extent of how NFTs will revolutionize player and fan engagement, and the esports industry is well positioned to demonstrate this.”

About DigitalBits Foundation

The DigitalBits Foundation (formerly the XDB Foundation) is a non-profit organization focused on assisting DigitalBits and related technologies. The DigitalBits Foundation’s core objectives include: supporting the innovation and adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain and the use of cryptocurrency in enhancing the consumer experience and corporate social responsibility initiatives, shaping commercial standards and requests for technical expansion, growing the DigitalBits community through the inclusion of diverse regions; providing accountability and sustainability practices; and facilitating partnerships and ecosystem development.

About DigitalBits Blockchain

DigitalBits is a layer-one blockchain protocol that prioritizes security, speed, and cost-savings. Any asset can be tokenized on the DigitalBits blockchain, including branded stablecoins to incentivize consumer loyalty, fan engagement, social tokens, and NFTs issued by artists and celebrities. By making micropayments efficient and cost-effective, DigitalBits provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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