Lane Oral Surgery Improves Oral Function with Bone Grafting in Sandwich, MA

Dr. William F. Lane, Oral Surgeon in Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA

Oral Surgeon, Dr. William F. Lane, Offers Bone Grafting in Sandwich, MA

Drs. Lane are both esteemed and experienced oral surgeons with specialization in comprehensive dental implant treatment, including bone grafting for mild to severe bone loss.

The experienced father-son team of oral surgeons at Lane Oral Surgery invites new patients with or without a referral to receive bone grafting treatment if they are experiencing tooth and bone loss in Sandwich or Plymouth, MA. Understanding the transformative affect bone grafting can have on the function and health of a smile as well as overall facial aesthetics, Dr. William F. Lane and Dr. William M. Lane raise awareness of the causes and treatments for jawbone loss. This team provides innovative oral and maxillofacial surgical care using advanced technologies at their two practice locations.

The most common cause of bone loss in the jaw is due to one or more missing teeth. For the jawbone to remain strong and dense, tooth roots must be present to provide healthy stimulation whenever a person bites and chews. Without teeth, this stimulation stops and results in a continuous loss of bone volume and density. Patients with bone loss may begin to notice other teeth shifting out of place and causing occlusal (bite) changes, crooked teeth, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, and other problems. If a patient has lost all their teeth, the effects are outwardly noticeable, with facial changes that can give the appearance of premature aging as the cheeks and lips sink inward without support from teeth and bone.

Bone grafting refers to treatments that restore the proper levels of bone in the jaw. Generally, bone grafting is completed as a preliminary procedure three to four months before, or during the same appointment as, implant surgery. Oral surgeons have specialized training in sinus lifts, ridge augmentations, and bone grafting as part of dental implant placement. A sinus lift involves elevating the sinus membrane so bone graft material can be placed beneath, while ridge augmentation refers to building up the contours and volume of an entire jaw ridge. In all instances, the goal of bone grafting treatment is to ensure that one or more dental implants can be safely and securely placed into healthy, dense bone anywhere in the jaw.

Drs. Lane are both esteemed and experienced oral surgeons with specialization in comprehensive dental implant treatment, including bone grafting for mild to severe bone loss. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, they are masters in these dental surgeries and utilize advanced surgical technologies and techniques to ensure treatment success. Patients with bone loss who receive bone grafting treatment can qualify for life-changing dental implants that restore their health, function, and overall quality of life. The oral surgeons at Lane Oral Surgery practice advanced sanitization measures, in addition to providing a safe and comfortable surgical experience, to maintain a healthy environment for their team and patients amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients interested in restoring lost bone with bone grafting treatment in Sandwich or Plymouth MA or replacing missing teeth with dental implants can receive the care they need from the oral surgeons at Lane Oral Surgery. New patient appointments, with or without a referral, can be made at either practice location by calling 508-746-8700 or visiting

About the Practice

Lane Oral Surgery offers oral and maxillofacial surgical care at their offices in Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA. Renowned oral surgeon, Dr. William F. Lane graduated from Harvard University, received his doctorate from Boston University, and completed his residency training in oral and maxillofacial surgery in a combined program at Boston University and Tufts University. Dr. Lane created the revolutionary SmileOn!™ same-day full mouth dental implant solution to help patients with missing teeth regain their smile, confidence, and normal dental function. His son and esteemed associate, Dr. William M. Lane completed his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine before graduating Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. He then completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program at Boston University/Boston Medical Center. Together they offer a comprehensive list of high-quality oral surgical care including bone grafting, wisdom teeth removal, full mouth reconstruction, and cosmetic surgical treatments. The entire team at Lane Oral Surgery is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of smiles. To learn more about these oral surgeons or the services offered at Lane Oral Surgery, visit or call 508-746-8700 to schedule a consultation.

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