Inspirational Apparel Company Kerusso Adds National Sales Director To Team

Kerusso has experienced a record-breaking first two quarters in 2021 and now the company has added a key team member, Matthew Haley, to their roster of strong players as National Sales Director.

Kerusso has experienced a record-breaking first two quarters so far in 2021, and the maker of America’s favorite faith-based apparel and accessories has no intentions of slowing down. The company has just added a key team member, Matthew Haley, to their roster of strong players as National Sales Director.

Matthew is an accomplished, results-focused sales management professional with many years of experience directing national sales operations and multimillion-dollar accounts across diverse fields. With nearly 20 years in retail sales, he brings with him a wealth of experience personally selling and leading sales teams in the farm, outdoor, hardware, home/gift, and Christian bookstore channels.

Matthew’s experience includes years of leadership in Gift and Specialty Markets, key account apparel sales, custom product development, and Faith-Based industry experience at both Root Candle and 4:13 Sports. He has deep experience in the sporting goods and farm and home channels from his time at Prince Sports, Rocky Brands/Georgia Boot, and Justin Boots. He’s developed relationships with a host of independent retailers, as well as large national retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, MC Sports, Dunham’s Sports, Bass Pro, Meijer, Sears, TJX, ROSS, Rural King, Big R, and many more.

Matthew is ready to immerse himself in the unique culture and flourishing business of Kerusso, and to hit the ground running.

“I am so very excited about joining Team Kerusso. While previously working in the Faith apparel industry, I’ve always had great admiration and respect for Kerusso designs and merchandising solutions. For years, I’ve searched for a company that fits with my values and faith, and Kerusso checks all of the boxes! While I have been privileged to sell and manage different products and teams, joining a company that lives the mission of Proclaiming the Good News of Christ is something I knew I wanted to be a part of. I am highly motivated and humbled to work together to push our sales to new heights!”

Matthew’s arrival is perfectly timed as Kerusso is poised to release an abundance of groundbreaking new products this summer.


Kerusso’s flagship brand offers unisex T-shirts featuring faith-based themes, and the company has also successfully launched popular brands including Cherished Girl®, HOLD FAST®, grace & truth®, Kerusso® Kidz, and Faith Gear®. Visit or


Kerusso is a Christian apparel company based in Berryville, Arkansas, which employs more than 130 people and is among the top employers in the area. The company was established with a small family loan in 1987, and has expanded into a leading supplier of Christian T-shirts and other apparel nationwide. Kerusso operates with the mission to proclaim the Word of God through products about Jesus Christ and the Christian message. The Greek word kerusso means “to herald or proclaim.” For more than 30 years, Kerusso has proclaimed the message of Jesus Christ through Christian T-shirts, accessories, and gifts.

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