HealthMatriX and Swiss-Based LionGuard Medical AG Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Vaccination & Test Management Platform to the European Market

With HealthMatriX’s innovative technologies and LionGuard Medical’s expertise in doing business in the region, we intend to help the economic recovery start sooner rather than later,” – Robert Kamp, CEO and Co-founder of LionGuard Medical AG

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd., a Hong Kong-based tech startup providing one of the world’s most complete health passport solutions for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, has finalized a strategic partnership with LionGuard Medical AG, whereby the Swiss-based company is granted the right to sell and distribute MatriX-iPass™ platform for managing vaccination and testing data.

“What impressed us most about LionGuard Medical and its management team was the in-depth understanding of the requirements of government agencies, corporations, and educational institutions in Europe,” said Alfons Futterer, President of HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd.

The partnership would bring the MatriX-iPass™ SaaS platform and its accompanying mobile application to European territories. With this partnership, LionGuard Medical will be able to roll out the health passport solution to some of the largest European nations such as Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

European nations are some of the hardest hit by the lockdowns and restrictions imposed to control COVID-19. The partnership aims to bring these EU-member countries back on track sooner than expected.

“Europe has suffered enough from Covid-19. Businesses have dipped more than 50% during the course of the virus and most business owners cannot afford to lose another day. We need to safeguard Europe’s health. We are looking forward to travelling around the region again safely and conveniently. With HealthMatriX’s innovative technologies and LionGuard Medical’s expertise in doing business in the region, we intend to help the economic recovery start sooner rather than later,” said Robert Kamp, CEO and Co-founder of LionGuard Medical AG.

Using MatriX-iPass™, cross-border travel between participating countries can resume economic activity safely, conveniently, and efficiently. It would be an effective tool to restart and reopen a lot of industries from travel & tourism to educational institutions.

LionGuard Medical will also use its network to rapidly expand into workplaces and enterprises that deal with high-density venues such as the education and entertainment sector.

Using the MatriX-iPass™ system, test and vaccination data can be verified via the mobile app and other inspection tools (offline verification) at inspection points such as airports, schools, offices, restaurants, etc.

To ensure the reliability of service, a printed Health Pass is also issued containing high-security proprietary QR-code and security features to make it counterfeit-proof and tamper-proof.

Stand-Out Features of the MatriX-iPass™ Platform:

  • GDPR Compliant & ISO 9001 quality management; infrastructure compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2
  • Modular & Scalable: Functional extensions can be provided like vaccine anti-counterfeit, track and trace, anti-fraud, etc.
  • Data protection and encryption that prioritizes user privacy with the option for Blockchain

LionGuard Medical’s expertise in the European market can bring much-needed traction from potential users such as government agencies, airlines, schools, and private businesses.

Dr. Stephan Kinne, a technology specialist and Co-founder of LionGuard Medical AG, said: “Matrix-iPass™ is more than a health document verification solution. It’s an enabler for individuals, companies, educational institutions, and other organizations to restart operations with a sense of normalcy.”

As vaccines begin to roll out and as tests become more accessible, it’s the right time for a complete health passport solution to keep track of vaccination and testing to enter the European market.

“We’ll use MatriX-iPass™ as part of a package deal. We’re already in the business of providing countless COVID-19 test kits. We can offer the platform as a way to ensure that our tests are being used properly,” said Richard Crombach CFA, LionGuard Medical’s Executive Head of Sales for Europe, who comes from the private banking and wealth management services industry for over 30 years.

This partnership between HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. and LionGuard Medical AG cements MatriX-iPass™ as a major player in the health passport industry in Europe.

About HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd.

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based technology firm created in response to the global pandemic of 2020. It provides digital and physical tools to enable governments and organizations to effectively manage vaccination programs, diagnostic testing, and health credential screening using health passports.

About LionGuard Medical AG

LionGuard Medical AG is a medical tech company founded by Robert Kamp, Dr. Stephan Kinne, and Richard Crombach CFA. Based in Switzerland, LionGuard Medical leverages innovative solutions in order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company specializes in the marketing, sales, and distribution of healthcare and medical technologies and equipment.

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Robert Kamp

CEO, LionGuard Medical AG

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