Health Experts Reveal What’s Really Blocking Chronic Pain Sufferers from Living an Active Lifestyle and It’s Not Injury

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Our bodies should heal from pain within approximately 90 days, no matter what the injury is.

Living with chronic pain is unbearable for many, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating.

Houston’s famous physical therapist Dr. Clay Ardoin says there are methods you can take to reclaim your life.

The co-owner of Sculpt U sat down with celebrity mental health expert Dr. James Flowers, founder of the J. Flowers Health Institute, to discuss how those suffering from acute and chronic pain can still do things they love, like move!

The physiotherapist declares pain is produced in the brain, not by tissue damage, and reveals several contributing factors to chronic pain – one of them is the nervous system.

“It’s ok to get on medication,” says Dr. Clay, “but that needs to be tapered off.”

Dr. Flowers reveals our bodies should heal from pain within approximately 90 days, no matter what the injury is. Anyone taking medication longer than about 90 days should see a pain or addiction specialist at the J. Flowers Health Institute.

Other contributing factors to your physical health are your stress level, lifestyle, diet, and daily habits. All those things can be improved when you’re dealing with chronic pain. “That can help to desensitize the nervous system,” says Dr. Clay, “because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re trying to do is drive down your neural sensitivity to the situation.”

Traumatic events also take a toll on your physical health. Dr. Clay advises you to consider what life events took place when you began to experience pain.

“If somebody comes into my clinic and says: oh, my shoulder. My shoulder hurts. And I focus on that, I missed this huge opportunity to address all these things. That’s where a comprehensive assessment comes into play,” says Dr. Clay.

Attacking pain from a multidisciplinary approach is what brings Sculpt U and the J. Flowers Health Institute together.

“What you guys do at the J. Flowers Health Institute is uncover these things. We don’t, and we can’t do it alone because there are so many complexities to pain.”

J. Flowers Health Institute partners with therapeutic and educational consultants and other behavioral health professionals to deliver clear answers to complex health conditions.

Dr. Clay reflects on a former client whose physical health transformed following the J. Flowers Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program. He says the client literally could not move her body, so the two teams did some digging to identify the root causes.

“I need somebody like the J. Flowers Health Institute to start to unravel some of those intertwined emotional connections that she has with pain,” says Dr. Clay. “Something happened in her childhood that’s now causing her to have this catastrophic reaction. The pain is real, and it was a real legitimate injury, but the intensity of the long-term pain is so high based on the nervous system’s reaction to trauma.”

After a year and a half of treatment, the client now walks three to five miles a day and often jogs. Success stories like this keep these two experts inspired.

“It’s those type of people that we like to help because they succeed,” says Dr. Clay. “They want help so bad, but they’ve just been led down so many wrong paths.

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain for more than 90 days, contact the J. Flowers Health Institute’s team of experts at 713.903.2723

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