Dr. Samuel Joseph Brings New Innovative First Awake, Outpatient Spinal Fusion Surgery To Tampa Bay

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Dr. Samuel A. Joseph, Jr. brings Awake MIS TLIF to Tampa Bay

Our patients come to us in pain and we use our expertise diagnoses, education and treatment to help them move forward to move to improved spine function and health, Dr. Samuel A. Joseph, Jr.

During this procedure the patient is awake, treated with localized pain blocks, avoiding the need for general anesthesia and after-surgery narcotics.

Awake MIS TLIF is a safe and effective technique, with the following advantages:

1. No hospital stay – Reducing cost associated with longer hospital stay and reduced chance of other infection.

2. Procedure time cut in half – Awake procedures take one to three hours vs. the four to six hours required for standard spine surgery under general anesthesia.

3. Faster recovery time – Patients may walk on the day of surgery and usually go home within 24 hours vs. a three or four day hospital stay with standard spine surgery.

4. Cost savings to patients – The patient will have the benefit of an overall lower cost for the surgery as well as faster recovery rates to get back to life more quickly.

5. Reduce risk of side effects of general anesthesia – Since no general anesthesia is necessary, patients do not need to be on a ventilator, resulting in a lower risk of side effects and faster recovery time.

6. Easier access to intervertebral disc space for disc prep and cage placement

7. Less damage to soft tissue

TLIF surgery is often indicated for conditions such as a pinched nerve, sciatica, herniated discs, or bone growth. Until fairly recently, open surgery was the standard—and for a long time, only—option. Endoscopic spinal surgery, minimally invasive and increasingly common, allows the procedure to be performed with smaller incisions and lower risk of complications. Awake endoscopic surgery takes minimally invasive surgery one step further, using only minimal sedation and local anesthetic to keep the patient fully awake. 

This type of surgery is relatively uncommon and only a few spine surgeons offer this technique. Now this new technique will be available to Joseph Spine Institute patients at all of our four bay area locations.

About Dr. Samuel A. Joseph Jr.

Dr. Joseph is the founder of Joseph Spine Institute. Dr. Joseph’s practice includes the specialized, conservative, and surgical care of patients. Treatment includes therapeutic injections, disc replacement surgery, minimally invasive techniques, and complex reconstruction of adult and pediatric spinal disorders. Dr. Joseph is also among a select group of surgeons to offer cutting edge regenerative injection therapy.

Dr. Joseph has used his training and experience to become a leader nationwide on revision surgery for patients who have experienced failed surgery in the past. These patients have traveled to see Dr. Joseph not only from the Tampa Bay area, but from other areas of Florida and across the country as well.

About Joseph Spine Institute

Joseph Spine Institute (JSI) was founded in 2016 by Dr. Samuel Joseph. He has assembled a comprehensive team of highly skilled spine specialists that are devoted to offering the highest level of spine care available today. He has also strategically partnered with some of the most innovative leaders in the spine care industry today in order to bring our patients the latest in technology, products and resources. 

From state-of-the-art technology, to alternate therapies and interventional pain management treatments our industry leading spine care practice offers our patients a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal conditions. Our highly-trained surgeons offer an integrated approach to patients that includes surgical and non-surgical options such as pain management and physical therapy.

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