Critical Race Theory Is Challenged By New Video Program For Students by American Education Defenders

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Teen Self-Esteem Gets A Boost From New Videos

Parents will welcome these inspirational stories and life lessons for their children

Parents, students, and teachers can now sign up for a free video series that elevates the self-esteem of teens, as well as trigger a new interest in American history.

Why is this so important and timely? Last week, the CDC said there’s been a 50% increase in suicide attempts with adolescents, especially girls, age 12-17.

The new program, named YOU’RE AWESOME!, uses one event in America’s past – the Battle of Gettysburg – as the context for 55 stories. It can easily be included in a school curriculum as an American history class elective.

The program’s creator, Paul Hemphill, says, “These videos prove every teen’s ability to achieve small or big goals immediately after viewing each of the 55 videos that come with the series.”

Plus, he adds, “each story is followed by two-to-three life lessons that can help teens discover what abilities they can activate for their own benefit, abilities they don’t realize they already possess.”

Hemphill is Chairman & CEO of American Education Defenders (AED), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID: 85-3152198. To grow this program beyond the free videos, AED needs funds for:

  • Professional grant writers to solicit $ from major foundations and corporations
  • Advertising to reach 1.2 million teachers and principals, with direct mail and internet marketing
  • An administrator to oversee day-to-day activities that lead to larger donations.

With a short video, Hemphill has launched a GoFundMe campaign today, at:

Parents want to know that there’s an alternative to Critical Race Theory, which is being adopted by thousands of the nation’s public schools. By contrast, Hemphill’s videos focus on such topics as:

  •     how to achieve credibility early,
  •     how to give meaning to your life
  •     how to speak up and get respect
  •     how to improve yourself with adversity
  •     how to motivate people to trust you
  •     how to love discipline as a habit
  •     how one speaking tip makes you effective
  •     how to save a life without really trying

In effect, says Hemphill, “this is a character development program. It’s focus is on the student, not on the typical history class that presents “facts and stats” from the past, with no emotional connection to the student. “These videos connect with the students,” adds Hemphill, “because they answer every teen’s self-centered question: ‘What in it for me?’

“The videos are all about the student, and with lots of exposure to these videos, students will gradually conclude that American history is pretty cool.”

About American Education Defenders, Inc.

With initial funding and support from Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc., American Education Defenders, Inc. exists to help teenagers across America gain self-confidence and to learn self-reliance through powerful, free lessons, leveraging historical events that shaped the lives of many patriotic and successful Americans. We can be reached online at

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