Author Steve Clark’s newly released “A Miracle” is an inspirational story of a boy who suffered and survived polio by the grace of God and his family’s undying faith

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“A Miracle: Blessings and Hope of a Polio Survivor (Romans 8:28)”: a spiritual and potent account of surviving Polio by the grace of God. “A Miracle” is the creation of published author Steve Clark, a retired public school Superintendent with a plethora of experience in educational advisement.

Clark says of his family, “We trust in hope, and it is who we put our trust in that shapes that hope. We hold on to our training from our homes or our foundations even in uncertain times. As a child, my hope was in my parents and through my parents in God. My parents grounded me at a very early age with a foundation in God and the teachings of the Bible. In the darkest of times, at the bottom of a gray-black lake, God will find you and lift you out of it. If you see good in the most painful situations, that good will help sustain you with hope.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Steve Clark’s new book is a narrated, spiritual account of how a family at their wits end survived on faith.

Illness had overtaken the small boy and doctors gave the family mere months to years for his survival. Without unwavering belief in their own strength and the work of God’s plan, his family may not have been equipped to cope with his illness. Their strong faith led the family to believe God would be by their side through his recovery process.

View a synopsis of “A Miracle: Blessings and Hope of a Polio Survivor (Romans 8:28)” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “A Miracle: Blessings and Hope of a Polio Survivor (Romans 8:28)” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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